Starfucker Bingo

Even though no one is supposed to talk about it, you see a hell of a lot of celebrities out of the mean streets of LA if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. So where is that place? M-Cafe on Melrose apparently. Two nameless LA blogger chicks who I’m friends with had lunch there today and saw these peeps, count ’em:

(1) Jason Bateman
(2) Chris Kattan
(3) Anthony Kiedis
(4) some supermodel i couldn’t positively ID but we knew she was famous
(5) Jason Alexander

Now, if you haven’t been to this new macrobiotic place, you are missing out because it’s damn good food, but seriously there’s like 8 tables in the whole joint. It’s micro even. So while it was hard to get a seat before, post this post it’s going to be impossible. Luckily they do take out.

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