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There’s an Ask Metafilter post where someone who is has a 12 hour layover at LAX is asking for things to do around town rather than sit in the international terminal the whole time. He states that he’s only been to LA once in his life and that was to go to Disney when he was a kid, which shows you just how little info he has about LA since, well, you know, Disney isn’t here. There’s some pretty good suggestions in the comments – Museum of Jurassic Technology , CLUI, Watts Towers, etc. However, let’s look at this a little closer – He’s flying out of the country at 11:35PM (his arriving flight gets in at 10:48AM). Let’s chop 2 hours off of that for getting back through customs at LAX, which means he needs to be back at the airport at 9:30PM. This brings us down to 10 hours. If he goes the MJT route which is in Culver City and only about 30 minutes from LA he only loses an hour, but if he goes anywhere else assume an hour each way. 8 hours. That’s still a good deal of time to kill. One thing to note is that this plan has him headed back to the airport at 8:30PM and on a weekend in LA, there’s a lot of options that are closing much before that, but he can still pretty much get anywhere by noon and spend a few hours. What would you suggest?

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  1. Assuming he’ll be taking cabs to get around, since renting a car and making the return will add on about 90 minutes…

    I’d head up La Cienega and cross over on Stocker to La Brea toward Hollywood. You’ll get a nice, sort fo retro view of pumpjacks before making your way (a long way) up to the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre. I know its cliched, and the cool LA kids would advise against it, but its still a fun experience. After this, I’d head on down to Melrose to check out the funky shops and find someplace interesting to eat… if you don’t mind going a little out of the way, I strongly suggest Barney’s Beanery – full of character and history.

    Since I like to take my time while traveling instead of trying to see to much, I’d advise keeping the visit to these two spots, enjoy the stroll, maybe have coffee to people watch.

  2. If he wants to go shopping, I know a handful of international flight attendants who use Shopper Shuttle when they’re in town. It beats renting a car, they’ll take you to Rodeo Drive, malls, downtown’s Fashion District, the Promenade, or special shopping events like the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. In addition to the usual hotel pick-ups, they’ll also pick you up directly from your terminal at LAX and bring you right back. I’ve used them to take visiting relatives shopping when I couldn’t get off work to take them myself.

  3. Y’all are nuts! Just send him to the beach and Santa Monica… He can wander around and have a great time and not miss his flight. Driving to Hollywood is crazy talk!

    Now if we had a REAL subway….

  4. I’d hit the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Close enough to LAX so that there would be no rush. Shop, eat and people watch without the stress of having to hurry back – plus its still a “unique” Los Angeles attraction that you won’t find in other cities.

    Then I’d leave another 90 minutes to hang out at the Encounter bar at LAX and have a drink or two (plus one of their great desserts).

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