Want a gun? Try Long Beach!

So in most of California if you want to purchase a gun (hand gun, shotgun, etc..) you have to go to a gun shop, pass a safety test, wait a few days and then you can pick it up. You also get added to a huge list of people who own guns so that tomorrow when they officially throw out the bill of rights and make it illegal to own a gun they know exactly whose house to kick the doors in on. Sound like too much trouble? Hate all that paperwork? Well, turns out you don’t need to go any further than Long Beach for an alternative. It looks like the Long Beach Police Department is just giving them away for the asking. Or the taking as the case may be and with no recourse. More than a 4th of the shotguns and an “unknown” number of handguns are just gone, and no one has any idea where they might be.

“We have absolutely no idea where the guns are,” said one Long Beach officer…