4 thoughts on “longwinded you say?”

  1. Please don’t sign him up! If I have to read even one more post (and comment section) that long and that offensive, I’ll be clicking unsubscribe as fast as I can.

  2. Oh man. I loves me some Chris Checkman! Blues Hotel is probably one of the finest radio programs it has ever been my priviledge to listen to.

  3. Fred,
    I’d love to be able to write officially for this site; but, it’ll never happen. In the unofficial blog threads to which I’ve posted on a rather limited basis, it has been a blast– but also rather frustrating, as I will never quite understand why those who find posts too long or bitchy for their tastes (mine, or those from others) tend to respond by threating to pull out and never come back to the entire site as a whole.

    To me, the sane thing to do would be to not read what you cannot deal with, for whatever reason it may be– just like if you do not like what you hear/see on the radio or television, just tune it out, you know?

    To let others read and decide for themselves seems pretty sensible to me; but, if folks like Melanie are gonna hold a gun up to the site’s head by threatening to run off, that’s just how it is, as stupid, immature and closed-minded as it may be to those of us who have known we are free enough to listen to what we want, and ignore that which we do not want.

    Or maybe we should look at it and say, “thank God for Melanie and her heightened ability to determine, better than we, what is best for all!”.

    Why be allowed to see, react and think for ourselves when there is someone better qualified (Melanie) to do it for us? SHE, alone, will determine what is either too long or too offensive, thereby allowing our little brains to focus on the mere trivial shit. Forget thinking for ourselves, and determining on our own what we can and cannot handle, as someone named Melanie, from somewhere, has decided that she– along with her sensibilities, her experience, her knowledge, and her god, know better than to just let people speak their minds.

    Sure, if she had just let it go, you yourselves could’ve decided on your own whether I, or those like me were worth your time. You know, that whole ‘thinking for yourself’ thing!

    And where has that ever gotten any of us?

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