Google Earth

Google Earth (GE) has finally been released for Mac, so I’ve had a chance to download and play with the 3D mapping program. If you haven’t tried it out already, I recommend you do not if you have any hope of productivity for the next couple of days.

That said, there is a sizeable user community grown up around the software, dedicated to finding and posting cool locations and tidbits all over the world. If you load GE and head to the LA basin, turn on “Goodle Earth Community” under Layers, and your screen will fill with all sorts of cool places, from celebrity homes and death locations, to the obligatory free wifi spots and webcams, to spiffy pointers like the bottom of Angels Flight and where the Watts Towers are, to fun sightings like people in a swimming pool and a car accident (naturally) — all contributed by GE users. Like micro geo-blogs. ;)

Here are three I put up:

* Tommy Trojan
* The Arrowhead in San Bernardino
* X-Plane Flight Sim Starting Location