Downtown Art Ride Today, Midnight Ridazz Tomorrow

The Downtown Art Ride will be taking place today starting at 5:30 at the Downtown Art Gallery, which we will be leaving at 6:00. We will be checking out every gallery on the Art Walk except MOCA Grand and The Library. Here is a bit more information about the ride.

Tomorrow night is Midnight Ridazz and the theme is Camp Ridazz:

This isn’t just any Friday night. It’s the grand
opening of Camp Ridazz! Never you mind about that
rumored death curse, our counselors guarantee there
have been no murder attempts or unexplained
disappearances on the Midnight ride since the last
Friday the 13th. So bundle up for a good time and head
for the great outdoors.

Bring a few bucks for Pabst in the cabin.
Don’t litter. No Rida left behind.

Meet at 9:30, Pioneer Chicken, Echo Park & Sunset.

IMPORTANT UPDATE I will not be able to lead the Art Ride today due to some last minute work related issues that I tried to get out of, but was unable to. Please don’t let this stop you from riding around the Art Walk… I will be back leading the ride next month.