Zoeradio, the best radio show in LA that isn’t

zoe1.jpgIf you aren’t listening to Zoeradio you are really missing something. Zoe is 15 and has a podcast of stuff she’s listening to. I just finished listening to her Best of 2005 show which includes stuff by One Block Radius, The Hold Steady, Okkervil River, Brendan Benson, Alaska!, The Break and Repair Method, Dios Malos, Art Brut, Fannypack, Natasha Benningfield, Kanye West, Fallout Boy, Deerhoof, Jamie Lidell, The New Pornographers, The Books, and Ted Leo and it’s amazing. I’m really blown away by this and am downloading the rest of the episodes right now. This is seriously one of the best things I’ve come across online in a very long time. Forget everything I’ve said about how much radio in LA sucks, because thanks to Zoe it no longer does. The good stuff just isn’t actually on the radio.

5 thoughts on “Zoeradio, the best radio show in LA that isn’t”

  1. I started listening to Little Radio sometime last year (for Zoe’s show, initially, but I also like the rest of the stuff they play), and now it is my favorite background music while I’m working. I love that there aren’t any commercials.

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