The Year In Rear View

Yeah, yeah, so I’m a couple weeks late with this post that shall deign to take you on a journey looking over our collective shoulder at last year’s most personally favored entries from our cacaphonous cadre of calamitous contributors here at the B to the L to the A. So without wasting any more time come refresh your memories with a look through our Best of 2005 after the jump:

5000! (Spencer Cross):
Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Community

Caryn Coleman:
The Crevasses Of Silver Lake Dog Park

Christiana Dominguez:
Squirrels Gone Wild

Cindy M:
The Ubiquitous Virgen De Guadalupe
How Not To Debate Undocumented Immigration

Colleen Wainwright:
Mommie Dearest

Voyager II
The Seldom Seen Side Of Catalina

Eecue (Dave Bullock):
RideArc — Real Deals & Wannabees
All Trees Must Be Destroyed

How To Sneak Weapons Into The Hollywood Bowl
Echoes Of The Past

Jay Bushman:
100 Movie Quotes Written By Nobody
Making Parking Sausages In Silver Lake

Joz’s Write-Up And Photos From Tonight’s Happy Hour Sushi Fest Party Thingy Get-Together At The Golden Gopher
If You Are Visiting My Office Building

Fox News Creates Terror Can Suck It Sucks Less Than I Thought

Hit And Run Dumbass, Part II
Eddie Guerrero, R.I.P.

Robert Daeley:
Are We Not Men?
The Stepford Lawn

Sean Bonner:
Star Wars Coverage (Recap & Master List)

Shane Nickerson:

Pussy Power!
Raising The Bar

Travis Keller:
Every Time I Open Up The L.A. Weekly I Bum Out

Sunday Night In The City Of Angels
Tunnels? Really?

Will Campbell:
Be Careful Of The Blob
Requiem For A Pangolin