New Year’s Resolutions…


Have you made them yet?

You know, your new years resolutions? Those things you’re going to stop doing (smoking), try out (skydiving) or lose (weight)? Yeah, I’ve created that goal list before (and successfully completed it too, I might add). But this year I’m not making a yearly to-do list. This year, I’m going to have a kick ass life. And SuperViva is going to help me do it.

At SuperViva I have created a life list. It’s a list of the things I want to do in my life. I used to have this on various scraps of paper, in various notebooks and on post-it notes. It was a willy-nilly list full of things that I wanted to accomplish and a reminder of things I wanted to do once in a lifetime.

Within 5 minutes of creating my life list, I was addicted. I started out with a few goals. Then I would remember things I wanted to do and I’d go back to the site and add more. I now have 70 ideas on my life list (32 I have completed).

But it’s not just about adding the goals. It’s exciting to see what other people want to do and help them reach their goals. I saw that someone wanted to get their motorcycle license, so I wanted to tell them about the Motorcycle Safety Course. And SuperViva lets me do that, by adding a “how-to” comment on the goal page.

Now, if anyone has a tips on how to outrun a cop, please share your expertise!

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