Nerds spot Schwarzenegger in Warcraft!

Dead-%26-Gov.jpgThe other day I mentioned that Gov. Schwarzenegger ran his “hog” into a “car” and busted up his lip. You’d think something like this would slow the guy down, but clearly it hasn’t. As you can see in from this posting, some nerd who plays World of Warcraft spotted our fearless terminator Governor running around in-game earlier today.

“You guessed correctly. Thats me on the left standing with Arnold, Governor of California. I was napping in Grom’ Gol in preparation for this evenings “Kill Goblins for a level 30 sword” and guess who came strolling in. He recognized me immediately and asked for a photo op. How could I say no?”

Way to go Schwarz!

7 thoughts on “Nerds spot Schwarzenegger in Warcraft!”

  1. the guy who wrote it is in LA, the accident was in LA, it’s reffing a post that was about LA, and he’s the gov of CA.

    pretty related if you ask me.

  2. my “huh” was– wtf? this is about the gov playing video games? it wasn’t somebody spoofing the gov? the gov recognized the person who wrote the blog entry? ok, this makes no sense all the way around…

  3. Let me clear this up. Arnold and I go way back, we used to play D & D together between sets at the gym. Mind you, this was long before he was a world champion body builder or a movie star. Over the years we’ve kept in touch, visited and played different D & D related type video games on consoles, computers and now over the internet. Arnold just opened his WoW account for the kids and was checking it out to make sure the content was family friendly. I happened to be in the same virtual city at the same time.

    Let me explain the photo op part. My character is one of the most famous characters in Warcraft and I receive requests for in game photo ops from about 50 players an evening. Since the Gov is also a victim of frequent photo requests he was messing with me and made me pose for a photo. I guess if you don’t know that Arnold and I are friends, that my Warcraft character is a celebrity none of it makes sense.

    Oh yeah, I had to get in a dig about the accident since I also ride motorcycles.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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