Messing with Insomnia

insomnia.jpgRyan over at Losanjealous just wrote a spot on profile of Insomnia Cafe on Beverly. He writes:

“You walk in. Every single table is taken by a writer with a powerbook. Every single writer now looks up at you, silently judging you and determining in a fraction of a second your importance in the industry…”

“You quickly realize there are no available seats without crowding a writer. The writers continue to stare at you as you order coffee, looking for an available seat. Any seat. A section of floor. They keep staring. This makes it worse somehow. That corner by the window. They keep staring. This four inches of bar top in the corner – wait, that’s taken too. How long can you hover at the counter?”

Writers at coffee shops are a fact of life here in LA but for some reason Insomnia has a whole following of really weird ones. A whole following who is always there at the same time. Former, current infrequent Metroblogging Chicago author Morgen and I used to talk about how anytime we’d go there we’d purposfully do really noisy distracting things such as cough or tap a quarter on the counter while waiting just to see if the stares could actually burn a hole though the back of our heads. We even had a plan, unfortunatly never put into motion, to go there and have a very loud, agrevated discussion about “how that damn writer just flaked and I’ve already gotten the approval for the budget so now I’m sitting here with a pile of cash and no script. Christ, I swear! I’m going to buy the first thing that I see when I get into the office tomorrow, I don’t even care what it is. First script on my desk gets bought!”

5 thoughts on “Messing with Insomnia”

  1. I used to really like Insomnia– in fact, it’s where I fell in love with my first boyfriend, over many mochas circa 1991 or so… but these days, yes, the place is chock-a-block with writers hogging every available space. It’s not so much fun any more. (Well, that, and the front entrance got super-ugly at some point: the tacky lights, the giant ATM sign, etc.)

  2. so true! can anyone recommend a place to write that has some noise–music, chatter, whatever? thats why i want to write at a coffee shop in the first place….

  3. Too funny.

    I was writing in a Starbucks in Studio City the other day and some guy was there reading the paper and hacking up a lung every few minutes for HOURS. All I could think was, if this was a saloon, I’d pull out my gun and shoot him dead in two blinks.

    All coffeeshop noise that does not make one think of bubonic plague is appreciated though.

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