Schwarzenegger’s Lip

Arnold%20Schwarzenegger04.jpgYahoo! is reporting that Gov. Schwarzenegger ran into a car with his motorcycle and was slightly injured along with his 12 year old son. I guess this happened near their Los Angeles home, and by “slightly injured” they mean he needed 15 stiches on his lip. That’s a damn big cut I think. When I was a kid I cut my lip and needed 2-3 stiches and I still have a scar from it. But that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Schwarzenegger was driving a Harley with a sidecar. They didn’t have a photo of the accident but I was able to find this one, which must have been taken just before hand. Unfortunately the story isn’t clear about if he smoked the other driver right there, or if he chased him through empty LA riverbeds before intoducing him to Mr. Mossberg. Shoddy reporting guys, tsk tsk.