Sufi Love

This past year I discovered the work of Rumi, an ancient Sufi mystic, poet and spiritual leader from the 13th century. His lyrical words and observations were so beautiful encompassing love, the human condition and the journey of our souls to enlightenment, that I was stunned when I first read them.
Through his practice of meditation he and his followers started the tradition of the whirling dervish movement. He was also one of the first proponets of the idea that the path to god is found nowhere else but from within ourselves. His ideas are as relevent today as they were centuries ago.

Of course, I was delighted when I read about the world premiere dance performance debuting this weekend at UCLA’s Freud Theater. Rumi: A Path to Englightenment brings together modern dance, Rumi’s poetry and the religious ritural of Whirling Dervish meditation. Should be pretty cool. It’s Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm. Call 310-825-2101 for tickets.