Nouvelle Vague At Tangiers…

If you’re planning to see Nouvelle Vague‘s sold-out show tonight at Tangiers and you don’t have a ticket yet, here’re some last-minute tips based on my experience there last night (and this advice is applicable to other big shows that Tangiers hosts there):

  • Get there as early as you can, as ten tickets were sold at the door (to the actual room inside the bar as opposed to the outer door to get into the venue) at around 7:00 PM, so hover around near the ticket seller so you can buy them when they’re made available.
  • Be nice to the person selling tickets. So don’t be a douchebag.
  • If you miss the 7:00 PM timeframe, plant your ass at the nearest bar stool next to the restrooms and wait for additional tickets to get released. Last night, another batch of six tickets were sold around an hour and a half later, and more were sold after the opening performance (Becky Stark).
  • The price I had for waiting so long? Only $20.00 (even though it says $25.00 at the door, go figure) as opposed to the $28.00 that others paid in advance.

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