Livin’ Large

We didn’t come out on top on this one but then again, we’re not at the bottom: Men’s Fitness Magazine has published a list of the fittest and fatest cities.

The Fattest Cities:
1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Los Angeles, California

Men’s Fitness editor Neal Boulton is quick to point out that the survey is far from scientific, and he says it took additional factors into account this year that worked in Baltimore’s favor.

Baltimore is the fittest city? Yes, I’d say it’s far from scientific.

Link to CNN article.

4 thoughts on “Livin’ Large”

  1. Is everyone is SoCal a whiny sore loser these days. Losing to my beloved Longhorns(!!) and watching 2 of the best players in college football pout and cry like to babies who lost their bottles and now you complaining again because you ranked 3rd on the list of fattest cities. Whatever.

    Perhaps that’s for fat heads. Intelligence not withstanding. Get over it and worry about REAL issues. You do know what reality is don’t you?

  2. As a native Baltimoron and having lived in 6 cities in my short life, I can tell you Bal-da-more is filled with some of the fattest I have seen. Unless they are only measuring the heroin users. Balto. has some of the highest (if not the highest) rates of use in the country.So that must be it then…

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