Another Chatsworth Fire…


I was driving home earlier tonight on the 118 Freeway from Nouvelle Vague‘s performance at Tangiers and noticed some flashing CHP lights and flares blocking the westbound DeSoto offramp in Chatsworth, Porn Capital of the World. Without skipping a beat, I guessed fire.

Oh sure, we just had that rainy weather this past weekend, but it’s since gotten rather dry and windy out here in the western part of the San Fernando Valley once again. The heavy smell of smoke in the air reminded me of the Topanga Wildfire from this past September.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t seem that bad at all, and I have no doubt that the LAFD will have it under control in no time. I didn’t see any flames (so the above photo, which was taken of that Topanga fire, is misleading), but the smoke was definitely there, and I can still smell it just outside the house.

UPDATE: Brian Humphrey from the LAFD posted an update in the comments.

The rundown after the jump.

(I’ll format this better tomorrow but this is just a quick copy-and-paste job since I should’ve been in bed hours ago.)

De Soto Av at 118 East Lane Closure 12:20 AM

Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 500, Grid 2B
Due to Fire and Smoke in the Area 12:23 AM
LAPD Request CHP to Close the off Ramp Due to a Fire Working at this Address-De Soto at 118 and Tampa at 118 12:23 AM
This is Info for the Teal Radio 12:24 AM
Opr 808 12:24 AM
There is No Evacuation-LAPD Incident 5839 and Incident 39 12:24 AM
Fire is in the Mountains-Sesson at Crytal Ridge Lane-No Command Post is Set But All Units and Fire Department Are at the 118 at De Soto 12:25 AM
Trying to Ascertain Further Info- 12:25 AM
Message/Item Delivered 56-S10, Advised Unsufficient Units to Responding for a Closure, Possible Caltrans Can Provide a Full Closure, However Sgts E/r to Speak with Lapd/lafd, Please Advise LAPD 12:33 AM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD Op 893 Cpys Info on Line 8 12:35 AM
Fire at 19736 Crystal Ridge 12:44 AM
CHP Unit on Scene 1:05 AM
ETA Caltrans When Avail 1:07 AM
West 118 on De Soto Off Ramp, Please Have Caltrans Close Off Ramp, Several Fire Department Trks U/118, Will Need Cones, Signs, Barracades at Top of Off Ramp-Closure Until Morning Due to Fire 1:07 AM
Per 56-S10 Fire Mostly Contained Sesson at Crystal Ridge Lane, Fighting Embers, and Hot Spots 1:08 AM
Per 56-S10 Please Issue Sigalert for West 118 on De Soto Off Ramp, Closed Unknown Duration Due to Fire, East Side and Tampa Off Ramp not Affected 1:09 AM
Message/Item Delivered Media 1:10 AM
All Blue // Ib Updated 1:11 AM
Caltrans Received Information 1:12 AM
Per Dupe Log Coupe at Browns Cyn at Desoto 1:12 AM
Per 56-S10 Fire Pretty Much Has a Handle on this, Shud Be Knocked Down in a Few, LA Fire Department Will Advise in the Morn 1:23 AM
Is Caltrans Still Needed 1:32 AM
Caltrans S ETA 20 Min–Received Information Line 11 Until Morning 1:34 AM
Per 56-S5 Caltrans Still Needed to Shut Down Desoto off from West 118 Only 1:35 AM
10-4 1:54 AM

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  1. My colleague Jim Wells posted details on the LAFD News & Information Blog. The permalink for that article is here.

    If you want to see images of how volatile some of our local vegetation is, read the recent Hollywood Hills tree fire story and click on the view video link.

    Brian Humphrey


    Public Service Officer

    Los Angeles Fire Department

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