5 thoughts on “SBC still sucks”

  1. And yet, they are reaping the full benefits of the Howard Johnson’s Principle: “Where Else Ya Gonna Go?”

  2. SBC SUCKS! Got dsl for business line and never conected. We were cable with adelphia. Looked at phone bill the other day and we have been paying for SBC Internet for a year now and we do not and have not ever used it. Calls to SBC to no avail. Bookeeper thought was justified charge. Man, maybe consumer affairs?

  3. My companies T-1 has been down all week. Three Techs have come out and they are all morons. The last one came at 7:00 last night when only the security person was there. I directed them to the D mark and what did he do fixed the t-1 and disconnected out PRI AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH No phones. I wish somebody made a Doom game where you can go into an SBC Building and make them pay. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. They suck in Texas too. I have to watch my bill every month with this company. I think they pad their bills with billing errors in their favor. They have done it for year. The most likely charges are for Internet Services that they do not provide to me, and new connection charges for existing lines or services. SBC is the worst company on the planet!

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