LA Weekly’s Haters Guide To LA

I’m not sure if I agree with anything this person has to say apart from the MTA machine comments (which don’t hold water if you have ever used the new machines) and the TV News points, but I think you will get a laugh out of it nonetheless. The best part is this little gem about downtown:

Downtown. Some things just weren’t meant to be, and downtown Los Angeles is one of them. After years of pretending I was standing in a real city with significant buildings, I’ve given up and now admit that this barren Alphaville east of the Harbor Freeway is mostly populated by zombies and pigeon people, a “downtown” that’s usually impossible to navigate because of films being shot on its backlot streets.

I for one happen to be a zombified pigeon so there!

UPDATE It is no wonder that Steven Mikulan doesn’t like Downtown LA, he really wants to be in NYC, but his stage acting has brought him back to the Southland:

Steven moves to Manhattan and winds up being cast back in … California.

4 thoughts on “LA Weekly’s Haters Guide To LA”

  1. Poor Steve Mikulan. Turns out he’s another idiot who can’t enjoy the insanity of Broadway, never drank at Cole’s, and hasn’t stopped to look at the Central Library’s roof mosaic lit up on a foggy night. I’ll take his “barren Alphaville” any day.

  2. Not to mention ice skating in the park, buying flowers wholesale from the flower mart, eating at one of the many fine dining establishments (many on the top floors of skyscrapers), buying fresh roasted chestnuts in Little Tokyo or gallery hopping during the Art Walk. It seems to me that dead tree periodical writers in LA don’t actually get out much in LA. Oh well, that’s what the interwebs are for.

  3. The L.A. Weekly, like KCRW want sooooo very much for Los Angeles to be New York and both are big whiny babies about the fact that we aren’t.

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