Glad to be in L.A.

So I guess the whole world is in/on their way to Vegas today for CES (or if you’ll admit it, the AVN – Adult Entertainment Expo) through this weekend.

Flights, rooms, and meal reservations are all hard to come by (at least at the high end places I’ve tried to book), but worst of all is ground transportation. The cab line at the airport is over an hour and a half wait. I called every single car/chauffeur service in town (I was hoping for a cancellation)… they’ve all been booked since August. In fact, I was told by one company that they’ve been bringing in cars from out of state for the last couple of weeks to accomodate the demand for vehicles, but that it still wasn’t enough.

The only thing I was offered was a Hummer with a driver at $137/hr with a six hour minimum ($822) + tax & gratuity. Yowch.

I can only imagine traffic on the Strip this weekend. I think I’ll stay in town and try not to complain about LA traffic for the rest of the week.

One thought on “Glad to be in L.A.”

  1. LA traffic is not so bad as everyone says. It’s all about re-framing things. When you’re in the car or stuck in traffic, listen to music, try to relax, breath and enjoy the ride. When you’re finally home, go online and book a massage from and just relax… or get out and go to the gym and work out your tension. Traffic in NYC is much worse than LA.

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