The Mystery Of The Missing…Well…Everything

The place: Trader Joe’s, Silver Lake

The time: Tuesday night, 7pm

The situation: Nothing. I mean, literally, nothing. The TJ was almost completely bereft of product. Vast expanses of open shelf greeted dewildered customers, who wandered in circles pushing their forlorn carts, muttering under their breath about the lack of frozen tamales and plastic boxes of apples.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot?

7 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Missing…Well…Everything”

  1. I recall this same thing happening after other holiday weekends. I went in there (I think two years ago) they had no bread to speak of, no bottled water and a rather sparse collection of frozen foods.

  2. Jay, this is the second post in two days where you’ve used the term “dewildered.” Is it a typo, and are you intending to type “bewildered?” Is it an inside joke I’m not getting? Because dewildered isn’t a word. (I don’t mean to be a jerk; I’m just confused.)

  3. exact same thing in W. Hollywood Trader Joe’s! I think it must be some kind of holiday weekend thing, that prevents them from getting stocked. the bread shelves were bare… and the fresh meal section (those pre-made salads etc) was SERIOUSLY picked over!

  4. No problem, Burns! We here at the Jay Bushman Institute For Creative Grammar and Syntax are campaiging to get “dewildered” added to the lexicon. And along with or partners at the Non-Sequitur Alliance of America, we love pizza.

  5. With Monday, the normal delivery day, being a holiday, it’s not surprising that the stores are empty. Is this really such a head-scratcher?

  6. Jay, you’re not going to believe this, but we just missed each other. Ha! I was there about 7:30.

    Anyway, “completely befreft of product” is not an exaggeration. I was wondering what the hell was going on as well. It’s not like things were just picked over. There were aisles that were almost entriely empty.

  7. I’ve always feel that the SL TJ’s seems low on products every time I go, which is on Saturdays or later in the evenings (although not *that* loww). It’s another reason I avoid that TJs if I can.

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