Still Looking For An Xbox 360?

Photo_122305_005.jpgOn the early morning of Christmas Eve, I went to two different Best Buy stores looking for an Xbox 360 before good fortune took me to a nearby Toys R Us and I got a premium system. So far, my Xbox 360 runs great and doesn’t suffer from the reported overheating and scratching-of-discs problems that’ve been reported elsewhere (the fact that it was manufactured in December instead of earlier in the year probably has something to do with it).

Meanwhile, my friend Loren had it much easier.

But if you’re still looking for one, here are some tips after the jump.

  • Best Buy reportedly had another large shipment this morning. Check this list versus the store locator to see how many arrived at your local store (i.e. the West Hollywood store apparently received 26 premium systems). Circuit City has an online product locator but it doesn’t seem to be completely reliable. Call to confirm that it’s in-stock before heading over, and they probably won’t hold onto it for you.
  • Shipments can arrive at the brick-and-mortar stores in the afternoon and evening, and often times, the employees will put that stock on the shelves immediately instead of holding onto them for sale the following morning. So it doesn’t hurt to swing by various stores on the way home (not just Best Buy and Circuit City, but Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and even Costco).
  • Check out Ben’s Bargains Xbox 360 Tracker and this Fat Wallet thread periodically for updates.
  • Check this how-to list (which entails downloading a software program called URLy Warning and bookmarking the aforementioned Xbox 360 Tracker).

I have a feeling that these steps are a mere dress rehersal for the Playstation 3’s release later this year.

4 thoughts on “Still Looking For An Xbox 360?”

  1. The “reported” Best Buy shipment was real, ’cause I went and bought one this morning. There were only two other people there and they had them in the back, so you had to ask for them. In other words, they’ve probably still got them. I got mine at the Atwater store.

    You can also check out this link:

  2. I was at the burbank frys yesterday and they had a ton of xboxes and no one was buying them. I swear!

  3. You’re right on about this being a dress rehearsal for the PS3 launch… I’ve had no interest in the 360, but would eagerly put down a full deposit for the PS3 today (although I bet they’ll also have problems with early releases).

  4. These are still really hard to come by, but I managed to pick one up yesterday at Best Buy in Burbank.

    The trick is to watch the Best Buy inventory via this link . This will show realtime updates when your local BB gets them in. Thursday seems to be the day for delivery and all the Los Angeles Best Buys got stock yesterday. The only downside is that it doesn’t tell you if they are Core or Premium systems.

    I recommend getting down there pretty quick once you spot availability too. They tend to sell out within a few hours!

    Good Hunting!

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