arclight.jpgOkay. I’ve finally drunk the Kool-Aid–I’m digging on the ArcLight big-time, like all the rest of the crowd.

As Sean and Caryn pointed out last year (and an ArcLight grunt confirmed) their website sucks some serious butt.

(more whining after the jump)

I signed up for a membership last week after a stellar screening (quiet! comfy! armrest room!) of Match Point, but kept getting de-nied every time I’d hit the website to create my online user I.D. Tried Firefox. Tried Safari. Sent an email.

To their credit, ArcLight had some great customer service. A rep not only got back to me by C.O.B., but took the initiative to set up an account with a password and username. Unfortunately, she also passed along the info that Safari and Mozilla products are (ahem) not supported├│only IE (which, as I pointed out in my reply, is abandoning support for Mac) and Netscape (which has not yet supplied their latest release in a Mac version–nice!).

I know that building a site is a pain. Look at me–I’ve been putting off my own blog move for months now, and I don’t have the kind of coding nightmares that online ticketing must entail.

But jeez louise–to have a business that practically SCREAMS mac demographic with all of its coolness, and not support Apple-friendly browsers?

That’s behavior I’d expect from Cineplex Odeon.

5 thoughts on “Arrrgh-light!”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about Mac compatibility. I finally got it to work with either Camino, or maybe it was the Mac version of IE. Either way it was a pain.

    Support OsX-rights :P

  2. this is yet another case of firefox not being OFFICIALLY supported… but rest assured, the site works fine with FFox…

  3. I only use Firefox, and the site works fine… most of the time.

    Still, they can’t blame it all on the browser – half the time times for tickets are listed on the main page as “not available at this time”, but clicking on a films individual page will have times listed and clickable.

    Frustrating as hell, but I love the Arclight more than my girlfriend.

  4. I want “Support OS X Rights!” t-shirts!

    But the Unsomnambulist is right, it’s definitely not always the browser. They’re rocking some serious issues on their end as well.

  5. People don’t talk while they’re watching movies at the ArcLight, that’s the best thing about it. Have you ever gone to a movie in Burbank? What is it about people who go to the movies in Burbank? Every single time I have seen a movie in Burbank, at least 50% of the audience talked through it. Really, what’s the deal?

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