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Some friends of ours decided to leave their cold, wintery DC home to vacation for a few days here in sunny socal and arrived just in time for it to be anything but. Over dinner last night we were putting together a list of things they could do around town that didn’t involve getting soaking wet. We obviously recommended seeing The Museum of Jurassic Technology, catching a flick at Arclight, various exhibitions at various museums & galleries, a few great places for food, but assumed there was more we were missing. Our usual things-to-do-for-friends-visiting-town seems to be weighted a bit more towards the out of doors, so I’m looking for suggestions. What indoor activities and things to see would you recommend?

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  1. Hmm, that is a toughie. How about bowling at Lucky Strikes or Jillians? If it was my visiting friend, I’d probably spend the rainy day at the Olympic Spa or shopping in Bev Center and then save the nights for taking her out to novelty bars that they don’t have the likes of where she comes from, like The Roof at the Standard, Mountain Bar, Velvet Margarita Cantina, etc. And I know you already mentioned restaurants but did you check out the special food nights on Those always seem fun.

  2. Wine tastings? Cheese tastings? (Are they teetotalling vegans?) Blue Monday is going on down at Silverlake Wine with cheese by the Cheese Store. (I think The Man and I are going to do that this evening.)

    There’s the aquarium in Long Beach … kind of a pretend-outdoorsy thing.

    There’s the self-guided tour downtown at Disney’s Concert Hall then maybe toodle over to the Grand Central Market for a snack.

    Day spa sounds fun, don’t forget the all women one in Koreatown.

    Or they can come over and help me take the ornaments off the tree. That’s some fun.

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