Subtle Notes of Ass and Evil

New Year’s was a sedate affair – Miss Barbara Gordon and I stayed in, had a Christian Bale film festival (Velvet Goldmine & Batman Begins), and had a spread o’ wine and cheese and various fruitstuffs. We went to Whole Paycheck Foods to get our comestables. When I wandered through the wine section, completely dewildered, a helpful employee game me some recommendations of a couple of lovely, inexpensive wines to add to our shopping cart – a 2003 Temperanillo Finca Antigua and a Seven Sinners Syrah from 2002.

Except when we got home and I opened the Temperanillo, it tasted like a penguin urine. I dumped the bottle and opened the Seven Sinners. If you have a need to induce vomiting, I storngly suggest their products.

It was a good thing I had scotch handy.

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