A Very Junglist New Year

So I mentioned that I was going to hit up 3 parties this NYE, but I only ended up at 2 parties. The first one was an underground drum’n’bass event called A New Beginning and the second one was a massive rave called Together As One. Both of the parties rocked, but Together As One was bigger than I have ever seen it. The LA Sports Arena was completely packed and there was still a huge line both out front and at the VIP / Line even at 11:30 when we got there. Luckily we were able to get walked in so we didn’t miss the countdown. I took pictures of random ravers and club kids along with shots of DJs both playing and hanging out. Afterwards we went back to the party we started at and finished the night off there. The whole group of photos that I uploaded are here.

One thought on “A Very Junglist New Year”

  1. After Giant Village got cancelled, we decided to head to TAO rather than deal with lines for Sander Kleinenberg and Spundae. Definitely one of the most memorable NYE’s considering just how massive the crowd was. Great captions!

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