What Giant Village?

I just read this report over at LAist about Giant Village being cancelled, so I called around and talked to a few area hotels as well as the helpful 311 Los Angeles info line and YES IT IS CANCELLED! Not that I was planning on going anyway (no drum’n’bass) but that little cancelation should make for an interesting night tonight! If you were planning on going Downtown there are still a bunch of things you can check out in the area, here are the raves / parties / underground events I will be attending:

  • Together As One : This is a big ass rave that happens every year at the LA sports arena brought to you by Insomniac and Go Ventures. Apart from the usual techno / trance DJs you can catch some great drum’n’bass DJs in the Bassrush room: DJ Zinc, Dieselboy, Ed Rush and Optical. This event will run you $60 at the door and that includes neither champagne nor E (not that I condone the use of drugs, I just thought I would point that out).
  • A New Beginning : This underground drum’n’bass event is brought to you by a collaboration of LA dnb heads: Tonz of Drumz, Ghetto Life, Project Sweatshop, Almost Famous, Jungle Riddim and Wreckignition and features LA’s best drum’n’bass DJs: R.A.W., Curious, Deacon, APX1, Subflo and more. This event will only cost you $20 and runs from 9pm to 5am
  • Some random afterhours at the Alexandria hotel. This runs from 6am to 11am and I have no idea how much it costs. I do know that there will be a drum’n’bass area and I will be there taking pictures if I can stay awake that long.

So I’ll see you folks out and about in LA! I’ll be the guy with the camera.

UPDATE: I just saw a comment from Brian Humphrey and checked out the LAFD blog where he wanted to make it clear that the event promoters cancelled the event and the LAFD did not shut it down:

We have been informed that the “Giant Village” New Years Eve Event in Downtown Los Angeles has been cancelled by event organizers.

This was a decision made entirely by event organizers. There was no order from the Fire Marshal’s Office.


UPDATE 2:The promoters haven’t even updated the website nor the myspace page. I am guessing there are going to be a crapload of bummed revelers.

UPDATE 3: So far the Giant web pages still don’t mention the event being cancelled, but groovetickets does:

Unfortunately, the Giant Village event has been cancelled. If you bought tickets from Groove Tickets you will be notified in the next 48 hours regarding refunds. On behalf of Giant, we apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 4: KESQ, the Palm Springs TV station I always turn to for my breaking LA related news, has a piece up on their website (via the AP wire) about the cancellation, which mentions poor Brian who is being barraged with vitriolic phone calls blaming him and the LAFD for canceling the show, which they didn’t. Come on now folks give this guy a break, he’s working NYE and I’m sure the angry calls aren’t helping.

UPDATE 5: I just finally woke up, both the parties I went to last night (TAO and A New Beginning) went off and were totally packed. I have never seen the sports arena so full of people.

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  1. Yeah when I called 311 the operator made it clear that it was cancelled by the event’s promoter. It seems logical as the whole thing is outdoors and it is raining in Downtown (or at least it has been on and off all night)

  2. stay awake that long? good grief, i’m just hoping i don’t wake up that early.

    on a much smaller scale (but also downtown), pete’s cafe also has some new years eve thing tonight, and so does bar 107.

    i wonder if there’s any chance the cancellation of the event won’t be a huge fiasco.

  3. I’ll try not to wake you Jim! Yeah that Pete’s cafe thing looks fun, but I already have too much on my plate. I don’t think there is any chance that the cancellation will not be a huge fiasco. There will be thousands of people showing up having no idea the even isn’t happening.

  4. I drove by at about 8:00pm, after seeing this post here, and spoke directly with one of the staff personnel (yellow jacket), and she said “the Fire Marshal cancelled it because we couldn’t run the electric in the rain.” Of course, she could be as clueless as everyone else and just spreading hearsay.

  5. Yeah that is just hearsay. Brian from the LAFD has the real scoop and if his department cancelled it, he would have no reason not to tell us. There is no reason you can’t run electrical in the rain, outdoor event cabling is designed to withstand rain as are the connectors and junction boxes.

  6. What I have yet to see mentioned is that this event was supposed to be “rain or shine.” What a rip!

  7. update from the LA Times article on Giant…

    On Saturday night, representatives of Giant Village issued a statement saying they would honor the tickets at a “makeup event,” but had no details on the location, date or talent available.

    Organizers did not say whether they would consider issuing refunds for tickets, some of which cost more than $100.

    what happened Dave Dean!!

    It was all “Rain” for your loyal supporters, it was a time for celebration, thanks for pouring the rainstorm on us….totally uncalled for and a cheap shot

  9. Was dissapointed the event was cancelled. Spent the night at the Mayan and felt VERY out of place.

    Make-up event? This has to be some kind of a joke.

  10. anyone know how we can get a refund for the tickets purchased at a retail outlet (Virgin Megastore)?

  11. i bought my tickets from groovetickets and on the back of the ticket in the tiny tiny fine print it says at the end of the verbose text:

    “… NO REFUNDS. All sales are final, unless the event is cancelled or postponed in which case the holder is eligible for a refund for the face value of the ticket. Refund request must be made within five days of the events’ originally scheduled date.

    good luck everyone & best wishes for a great & properous 2006!

  12. I personally drove 10 hours to GiantVillage only to hang out in a $185 hotel room all night – sweet!! Rain or shine? What a joke! It stopped raining by 7:15pm and not a drop fell after that ALL NIGHT. This leads me to believe they cancelled it for some unknown reason other than “rain” altogether. But I started feeling much better when I met a large group of people in the Sheraton lobby who flew in from JAPAN for the event! What a bummer for everyone.


    email [email protected] and request a refund. tell them if they don’t comply with your request, you’ll request a chargeback from the company. the back of the ticket clearly states you are eligible for a refund if event is cancelled or postponed. if you hear nothing back, call your credit card company & ask for a charge back, explaining the circumstances. your credit card company should be on your side.

    let’s hope groovetickets and/or giant get it together & issue another statement saying they’ll refund us our money.


  14. Geez Lauren, what a spoiled brat you are.

    I’d rather have a promoter more concerned about the safety of his guests and the acts performing, than an idiot promoter who could give two shits.

    Wait, scratch that. Giant should have had the event and hopefully Lauren would have been electrocuted to death.

    What you couldn’t find something else to do. You are in fucking LA.

  15. HI . yes , I was also going to be there , standing outside and having a good , time waatching the black eyes peas . but anyway ,, when i finally got threw to the giant , village people , theys stated the groove ticket will give you your money back if you write to them and ask ,, if not they will contact you , and give you some, choices . to other groove events ,,, but if you would like your money , it will take 15days ,, i brought 3 ticket , at a 150 dollars each plus the online fee for the ticket ,,anyway , i hope this information , might help ,,,

  16. I purchased my tickets through virgin mega store. I requested refund information, and then I somehow lost it. I really need the address to mail back the tickets. If anyone has it please send it to [email protected] Thanx.

  17. I have sent 7 emails to Giant requesting info on refunds for the tickets I got at Virgin. They have not responded and I don’t know how to get my money back. Does anyone have the address to send the tickets to? Oh yeah, and what’s with the expiration date on when you can email them by?

  18. Has anyone received their refund yet? I’m still waiting and I mailed my 3 tickets in on the ninth of January. It has been well over 15 days.

  19. I have not heard anything, or received my refund either…. I sent them in on Jan. 15th….. I bought mine thru Virgin Mega Store. Lets hope they are not running off with the cash. They did not have any cancellation insurance.

  20. I haven’t received my money yet as of today either. They said it would take up to 14 days to get it back and I sent in my information and tickets since the beginning of January. I hope we’re all not getting ripped. If anyone has gotten their refund back, please post so the rest of can know. Thanks.

  21. I am also waiting for a refund of 3 tickets…I have e-mailed Giant several times requesting any information/updates on the refund, but they never replied to any of my e-mails. If anyone knows anything about how to get a hold of them, please post it on here. Thanks

  22. Grabbed from the LAFD Blogpage:

    Organizers Cancel LA Giant Village Event

    We have been informed that the “Giant Village” New Years Eve Event in Downtown Los Angeles has been cancelled by event organizers.

    This was a decision made entirely by event organizers. There was no order from the Fire Marshal’s Office.


    For all further information, please contact event organizers through:


    Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  23. Hello everyone!!

    I have been in touch with a few attorneys to discuss the unfortunate situation many of us are in right now due the way Dave Dean and his corporation been handling ticket refunds for the cancelled Giant Village New Year’s Eve event.

    If you HAVE NOT received a refund for your tickets, we would like to hear from you.

    Please read the questions below, and then please copy the questions below into an email (with your answers below them) and send to [email protected] :

    1. How many tickets did you purchase for Giant’s CANCELLED NYE “Giant Village ’05-’06” event?

    2. Did you purchase regular or VIP tickets?

    3. Where did you purchase your tickets?

    4. What date did you mail back your tickets to Giant? How long have you been waiting for a response/refund?

    5. Have you emailed their [email protected] email address to follow up on your request? If so, how many times? And did you receive a response to any of your follow up emails.

    6. Please include any other information specific to your situation here.

    Please copy and send this message to your friends that are in the same situation as you, and please feel free to post this message on other message boards, blogs, myspace accounts etc. that might help spread the word, as we are looking for a strong response in order to pursue further action. We

    We know there are lots of folks that purchased tickets and HAVE NOT received a refund, and we want to hear your story.

    Please email [email protected] if you have further questions as well.

    Thank you.

    giantvillagecomplaints at gmail.com

  24. All I ask for is my refund for two tickets whick were a totall of $160.I have been waiting patiently for about 30 buissiness days and you guessed it,natha.I have wrote to [email protected] village twice and never got a response.You would think that after ruining my new years and thousands of other peoples,they would atleast have the courtesy to keep us informed of when and where our frickin money is!

  25. from another blog, this girl said to email this guy

    email: [email protected]

    she got a b.s. response from him that she should be receiving a check soon and never got it. blow up his email boxes ladies and gents. it’s been almost 2 months for a lot of us and still no refunds. this is really messed up!

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