Re: Cyling

goose.jpg There are a couple of unique and interesting group rides during the 10 days of Bike Winter LA 2006 coming up next month I just want to spread the word about.

The first is the free Sixth Annual Nacimiento Ride at noon on January 8, encompassing about a 15-mile, family-friendly tour through Highland Park, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights that begins and ends at the Boyle Heights park at First Street and Chicago. An after-ride party is scheduled to take place at downtown’s 727 Gallery (727 S. Spring Street). More info available at Bicycle Kitchen’s website.

On January 14 at 9 a.m. the free 7- or 14-mile Tour de Watts will get rolling from Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers (1727 East 107th Street) on a route that will include the Compton Creek bike path. For more info see the Tour de Watts blog.

Oh, and the pic at right is of one of a gang of gargantuan graveyard geese who took a distinct interest in The Phoenix during a roll around the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This fine fowl took a gander at my bike and decided to see if it was food. Yum-may!

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  1. Took a *gander,* eh? Ha!

    Geese can be evil, evil creatures… or at least they are when you’re 8 years old and they’re chasing you around a farm yard trying to bite you. And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience. :D

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