LA Blogger on Alaska Flight 536


That photo is of Los Angeles bloggerJeremy Hermanns, snapped with his Treo when his flight depressurized at 30,000 feet.

“Nothing can describe the helpless feeling you go through during a time like this, when you are absent any control, you cannot breathe, and everyone around is stunned into fear. It all started with a loud bang – the cabin air began to swirl and the engine sound became deafening. As a GA-VFR pilot, I knew something was terribly wrong. As the smell of acrid AV-gas/JP4 and burning plastic filled the cabin, it created more fear in the eyes of the holiday passengers around me. We were all gripped in silence, surrounded by the white noise from the engines that eerily engulfed the plane into a surreal atmosphere. And as the oxygen masks deployed from the ceiling in a familiar, video-esque manner, we all grasped them in fear – trying to figure out how to breathe through the flimsy pieces of plastic. Parents were the most confused ñ as the masks were too large for their babiesí faces and were not easy to put on in such a panicked situation. The next few minutes passed like seconds ñ the plane started diving down to a lower level Ö and fast.”

You need to go read the rest right now.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments here, plenty of the comments there are very critical of Jeremy to the point of being outright attacks, and as noted in this post most of those comments are coming from an IP address owned by Alaska Air.

5 thoughts on “LA Blogger on Alaska Flight 536”

  1. That is a riveting read, but what’s as incredible are the number of trolls in his comments who are hellbent on demeaning and discrediting him.

  2. I second Will — there seems to be more people than ever being pricks in blog comments just for the sake of being pricks. Guess it makes people feel big, to chastize others behind the cloak of anonymity. It’s a guy writing about a harrowing plane ride on his personal blog — why would anyone have a problem with that?!

  3. Jeremy checked his logs and discovered that most of the trolls were from IP addresses owned by Alaska Airlines. Goofballs.

  4. Holy Crap – Don’t they realize that only makes them look WORSE?

    It’s not as discrediting him would whirl everyone back in time and make the incedent go away!

    I especially love the ones where people thought that him using his Treo (in flight safe mode) may have PUNCHED A HOLE IN THE AIRCRAFT….

  5. Oh I also liked the one post that said that he got what he deserved for choosing the cheapest flight!

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