Local Color: Strelitzia reginae


Lived here all my life, but for whatever reason I’ve never before noticed the irony that it’s this least-tropical time of year that the bird of paradise begins to blossom like mad. Like jacarandas in June and floss silk trees in the fall, all of a sudden their distinctive and spectacular blooms are freakin’ everywhere! I snapped this one yesterday amidst a veritable orchard of them at Union Station brightening up an otherwise gunmetal gray and drizzly day.

3 thoughts on “Local Color: Strelitzia reginae”

  1. Will: I’m surprised that you failed to note that the Strelitzia reginae is the City Flower of Los Angeles–it must have been an oversight!

  2. Ha Echo Two-Niner! You give me far too much credit. I had no idea the bird of paradise was the city flower.

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