Immaculate Receptions

It’s a great story, and who could blame the Los Angeles Times for the line in their story today about the Sheriff’s deputies catching two kids as they were dropped from the second floor of a burning apartment building:

Trapped by a predawn fire, a desperate mother dangled her infant daughter out of a second-story window, and then dropped her รณ into the hands of a sheriff’s deputy.

The father then dropped his 9-year-old son, Jermaine Carter, and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Kim caught him too.

The immaculate receptions were made in Watts about 3 a.m. today at the Imperial Courts housing project on East Imperial Highway. The drop was about 10 feet, authorities said.

Excellent further coverage by Ron Myers at the LAFD blog.

One thought on “Immaculate Receptions”

  1. Do you notice how the guy, the male, the MAN, caught the child and not the gal, the female, the woman!
    Why? Was it too hot and she didn’t want her makeup to melt? Think about it.
    And think about our children. If Jeffrey Kim was a girl, that child would now be in the hospital, for like ever, getting his legs fixed.
    Diversity! Not at the expense of our children.

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