6 thoughts on “Oh Grove, how I hate thee.”

  1. Whenever the Grove is on my agenda I always head straight for the top level, just because it is easier to find parking/your car after the trip, but that’s just ridiculous.

    Hooray for LA :D

  2. That photo shows a truly frightening scenario but I’m with Greg, the top deck’s the way to go not only for easier car location, but for the magnificent views to be found there on days like these.

  3. I work at the Grove. Bikes, scooters and motorcycles park for free and there’s always room. Two wheels good, four wheels bad.

  4. Um, y’all seem to have forgotten about valet and a carwash!

    Best damn carwash in LA is at The Grove.

  5. The last time I was at the grove the sign said 17 spots, but the entire top deck was full of cars. I circled five times before I got a spot. One car even had someone jumpout and sit in an open spot so they could get it.

    While that’s thinking on your feet, it’s just bad karma.

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