Junk Busters

Just a block from my loft is a place known as Heroin Alley where people from all walks of life come to buy their junk. Today undercover officers posing as dealers arrested 13 would be drug buyers including former child star and actor Brad Renfro. You can see his priceless expression on the LAT website. I think that arresting buyers is only a partial solution, if the dealers weren’t so prevalent the people wouldn’t come from all over LA to get their drugs here. I know that every time I walk to the gym I get offered heroin despite the fact that I’m wearing my gym clothes and walking with my fiance.

One thought on “Junk Busters”

  1. The undercover officers masqueraded as street dealers in scruffy clothing as they lured unsuspecting buyers to purchase balloons filled with fake heroin along Spring and 6th streets.

    Spring & 6th! I delivered a baby in an apartment building on that very block — 621 S. Spring Street. It looked like an OK place back then (two years ago).

    Here’s hoping they can clean up the neighborhood where that sweet couple is trying to raise little Blake.

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