The New World is Wonderful

Thanks to Koga, Monday night I scored a couple of tickets to Variety’s preview of Terrance Malick’s new epic film, “The New World” at the Arclight. It was a stunning film.

I see a lot of media…and most of it seems to bounce into one brain cell and just as quickly bounce out, quickly forgotten. Not so this piece. The visual imagery was stunning and the natural quality of the film permeated the lighting, the emotion between the actors and the sparse dialogue. Out of all the films I’ve seen this year, “The New World”, will remain burned in my memory. It is first and foremost a great lovestory between Pocohantas and John Smith in 1608. But the bigger picture details the struggle two cultures inevitably have when they come together.
Even though it was four hundred years ago, we still wrestle with those themes today. After all the wars, the killing, the only thing that seems to heal differences is when the people love one another and bring families together. Kind of like the great meld of the world. You are me and I am you. Such a simplistic concept, but one we humans seem to have a hard time getting our minds around.

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  1. T,

    Perhaps we can’t get our heads around it because it happens so rarely as to be virtually impossible. The New World is a romantic fable when placed against the backdrop of what it has become; a giant machine for generating profits inorder to become oblivious.


  2. I second the thanks for Koga for the link that resulted in my entry to the screening, which also gained me entry into last night’s Munich.
    Next year maybe should become a title sponsor of the Variety Screening Series?

  3. Ahhh….Jacky….you’re so cold baby! Can yo think of another way to heal the differences we all have other than love? Maybe it is a romantic fable….but it does happen to work. Try it sometime!!!!

  4. i don’t think JT is being cold at all. it seems a little presumptuous to base your solution to world peace on a “love story” like pocahontas and john smith.

  5. See the movie….it’s much more epic than mere words can describe. We have trivialized so much of our history and this movie happens to capture a moment in time between cultures that still resonates regarding accepting each others differences. And loving each other….not just with romantic love, but extending understanding, compassion and grace to every single human being…I really do think that is the only way to solve all the incessant warring that persists. We have to start somewhere.

  6. oh, i’d love to see the movie. but you have to be careful. :) i don’t think the actual history between pocahontas and john smith really reveals a good example of overcoming cultural differences. the movie is just another romanticized rewrite of history to show what we wish had happened.

    it’s more detrimental to “world peace” if you spread a false love story about race relations than actually understanding what really happened, and working from that.

  7. Part of me was also reacting to the Q & A afterwards with the producer, who talked about how much they endeavored to reflect as much of the story according to written history as possible. Yes, it was romanticized and even dramatized to make a better story…but the fact is that cultures cannot meld or even exist side by side without a modicum of understanding, compassion and yes…love. And yeah, Robert, a fine story is soometimes better and so much more fun…than harsh reality!
    Still….see the movie, it’s a rich tapestry of beauty, story, culture and emotion.

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