Retro-Americana for the holidays

retroslideshow.jpgI can’t believe I forgot to post about one of my favorite holiday traditions of all: Charles Phoenix’s Retro Holiday Slide Show at the Egyptian!

Rummaging through countless attics, thrift stores and garage sales around the country (but mostly around California), collector Charles Phoenix has found thousands of old family slides documenting their various holiday celebrations. He’s selected the best of them and woven them into a hilarious 90-minute (if memory serves) show presented by himself, with running commentary, at American Cinemateque at the Egyptian.

It’s sold out this Friday, and dark for Christmas Eve, but at last check there were still tickets available for Christmas Day at 1pm, and for the final three shows next weekend. Here’s the link to Phoenix’s site, which will take you to the ticket interface.

And yes, for those who keep up with these things, it’s as camp as the 99ยข show and as funny as Bob’s.

One thought on “Retro-Americana for the holidays”

  1. We had Charles on What’s My Line? at ACME last year, and he showed a bunch of these slides to us . . . holy shit, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    If you can get out to see this show, DO IT. You’ll never see anything quite like it anywhere else.

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