Gadgetgasm Update: Logitech Makes Good

hp.jpgBack in October ago I posted a mini-review about Logitech’s cumbersomely named but otherwise decent Wireless Headphone For iPod.

In the two short months that I’ve had them (and used them only a handful of times) they’ve proved entirely adequate, until last week. But there was nothing wrong with the sound quality or their perfomance. Instead, after a bike ride into downtown I noticed that a crack had developed in the center of semi-flexible plastic band that wraps around the back of the user’s head. As the speakers and band are all one piece, it’s only a matter of time before the crack worsens and perhaps even breaks all the way through. In other words, catastrophic design flaw. Bad news.

But the happy ending is that after a call to Logitech’s customer service and an explanation of the problem, I’m now the recipient of a brand new set, no questions asked and no charge. And bonus: since there’s nothing Logitech can do with the cracking but still fully functional ones, I get to keep them. So now I’ve got two sets: the originals (now taped up) for low stress uses around the house, and the new ones for the great outdoors… until perhaps they crack in a couple more months as well.

I facetiously asked the customer service rep about who might have been sleeping on the job when it came to such a poor design, and he countered that there’d only been four other calls along the lines of mine. That may be, but I’m thinking with such a rapid resolution, Logitech’s had enough of these devices fail and hopefully whatever designers were dozing will wake up and go back to the drawing board to come up with v2.0. In the meantime I’ll be seeing how long it takes before I’m calling up for my next replacement pair.