Who’s on first?

Today at 2 PM, the Dodgers are holding a news conference to announce the signing of Nomar Garciaparra — five-time all star, former Red Sox and Cubs shortstop. And while he’s been injury plagued the past couple of years, the signing of a big-name player (and hometown boy) by the Dodgers is just the latest in a series of recent moves that have done nothing less than reinvent the team.

Speaking of injury-plagued, the Dodgers last season suffered from a crazy series of problems that had us fielding what amounted to a AAA team most of the year. Will it happen again this year? You’ll excuse us Dodgers fans if we’re a little freaked out and gunshy.

Only one thing’s for sure — with the purging of the managerial and coaching staff, all the new signings, not to mention the trading of Milton Bradley, this is a brand-new team. And from all indications, we aren’t done. Reports are we’re signing CF Kenny Lofton today as well. Assuming that’s true, here’s our (likely) starting lineup…

C Dioner Navarro
1B Nomar Garciaparra
2B Jeff Kent
SS Rafael Furcal
3B Bill Mueller
LF Ledee/Repko?
CF Kenny Lofton
RF J.D. Drew

If you don’t remember many of those names from last year, it’s not a surprise — most of them are new. And then there’s our pitching. :) No matter what, this is going to be an interesting season. Hopefully it won’t be “interesting” in the “may you live in interesting times” curse sense of the word.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood, light some incense to the gods.

5 thoughts on “Who’s on first?”

  1. I look at that list, and I see a lot of veteran players who are past (or nearly past) their prime. I know it’s hard to repair the damage done by Dodger Boy, but what happened to the conventional wisdom that the Dodgers were writing off 2005 and possibly 2006 because the farm system would produce championship teams in 2007 and beyond? Are we giving up winning in the future so we can make a frustrating and unsuccessful run at third place again?

  2. “Are we giving up winning in the future so we can make a frustrating and unsuccessful run at third place again?”

    What’s cool about what Colletti and company have been doing is that they’ve amassed these guys without giving up a single one of our awesome prospects, and with mostly 1- or 2-year contracts for the vets. This offers both flexibility in the next couple of years, as well as (hopefully) kicking way more ass this season than the anemic lineup could last season.

    At least that’s the theory. :)

  3. good luck with Nomar.. good riddance from a jaded cub fan. we paid him $39k for EACH AT BAT this year… for nothing..

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