2 thoughts on “Shots Fired During Standoff In Silver Lake”

  1. Thanks.
    I was wondering what was up. Hyperion was closed off at Rowena, around 3 pm, so I had to detour around the Lake.

    It looked like it was yellow-taped off all the way down past G P Blvd.

    So that makes sense.

  2. Can anyone figure out why this didn’t make the tv news? There were more news choppers than I’ve ever seen in one place and news vans to boot so WTF?
    Is it because no one got killed, or that someone firing on officers and not getting filled with lead is bad propeganda? I guess they had enough other local crime stories to not mention a police standoff. Grumble…
    Too much crime on the rise in silverlake lately. Wherever the new crackhouse is, someone please bust it! Just tell me where it’s at I’ll go charles bronson their butts.

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