Something to do this afternoon: Part II

In the mood to do some unusual holiday shopping? Why not stop off at a special Natural History Auction by the IM Chait Gallery/Auctioneers in Beverly Hills?

For the ultimate Hitchcock fan you could be the owner of Alfred Hitchcock’s skull, Lot # 235, well, a skull he owned; not the one on his head, seen in the photo below:


Some unusual paleontological items:
* Dinosaur Egg with an embryonic dinosaur skeleton preserved inside
* Virtually complete Ceratopsian dinosaur skeleton
* Unique ìFlying Dinosaurî skeleton, Pterosaur, from the Jurassic Period
* Skull of an extinct Sabre-Toothed Cat

View the catalog

Don’t want to get dressed and walk out the door to attend? Watch/bid online via eBayLiveAuctions.

(I’ll be there… I’m the one sitting behind the computer monitor and screaming out bids from internet bidders.)