Stripping Santas?

santa strippers

That horribly blurry photo that I just snapped out of the back window as we drove past, is a whole gang of Santa’s (male and female) outside of Cheetah’s Night Club on Hollywood just east of Vermont. Of course by “Night Club” they mean “Strip Club” but you already knew that I’m sure. I can only hope it’s somehow related to this story from New Zealand. And to make the whole thing that might weirder, two people in Easter Bunny suits complete with baskets were walking up Vermont just south of Hollywood. I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I know I like it!

6 thoughts on “Stripping Santas?”

  1. i drove past a huge gathering of santas at house of pies this morning. i assumed some sort of flashmob. i guess they decided to make a day of it.

  2. I saw them all at Hollywood & Highland earlier in the afternoon. They were all chanting “Buy more shit! Buy more shit!” as they made their way towards Hollywood Blvd. Then driving away from the complex, I saw them all entering Hooters. I can only hope that they eventually created a little chaos at the L. Ron Hubbard Winter Wonderland display. That’d be a Festivus miracle.

  3. Just saw the Easter Bunnies tonight. One guy had the head of the easter bunny just sitting there on the ground while he was smoking in front of the Kodak Theater. He was the most depressed little easter bunny I had ever seen.

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