Let There Be Lights

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2005/12/IMG_5629-thumb.jpgFollowing up on Heathervescent’s post a couple days ago showcasing an awesomely illuminated palm tree and calling for shout-outs about standout Christmas decorations we’ve observed, here’s the hands-down and lights-up winner in my neck of the woods (click image to biggify).

There’s just too much to try to do it justice with a single snapshot: snowmen stand guard and polar bears patrol the shrubs and reindeer are hoofing it up on the rooftop; donkeys recline outside the obligatory baby jesus manger scene and there are enough lights on everything else that whenever the owner flips the switch the DWP probably sings “Oh Holy Shite!” while watching the neighborhood’s power levels flatline for a moment. Sure my jadedness says its corny and wasteful, but dang if when my wife and I found it blazing last Sunday night I didn’t just give it up and appreciate the hard work to bring a little joyful illumination into the evening.

Should you want to check it out live, the house is located on Lafayette Park Place in Silver Lake, nearest the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way. Here’s the Google Map.

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