Yes, it’s cold!

Check out this slam from Halley’s Comment:

Cold In LA?!?

Okay, you Los Angelenos, don’t get me started on it being ‘COLD’ there. I keep hearing from LA people today complaining about THEIR weather.

It was minus 3 F degrees here in Boston last night. Broke a record, yes, THREE BELOW ZERO.

Three shmee, it’s been in the fifties here! Damn I need some gloves.

6 thoughts on “Yes, it’s cold!”

  1. Let me tell you how goddamn happy I am to live in a city where 50, hell 60, degrees is damn cold. Nothing makes me happier than going, “Damn, it’s 68 degrees out…time to bust out the scarf!”

  2. I miss L.A. so much already! According to, it’s -2 degrees at my parents’ house in upstate NY. (I’m not venturing outside to check for myself.)

  3. It irritates me so much when it is chilly here in LA and one of us dares to say something like, “Brr! It’s cold!” and then some jackass from the East or mid-West says something like, “This isn’t cold! You don’t know what cold is.” I am a California girl to the core, but I spent five years in Alaska. I know what real cold is, but that doesn’t mean that when it is 55 degrees and I am shivering that I am not cold! Jackasses.

  4. Of course this is cold. I lived in Rio de Janeiro my whole life. The lowest lows were above the 70∫s.

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