10 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Approaches”

  1. Ah! Maybe they’ll replace the Do Not Stop…er…Donut Stop near my apartment (where Chinese food as well as Philly cheese steaks and breakfast are available)!

    Hmm. I wonder what Dunkin’ Donuts’ Chinese food would taste like if the folks in charge decided to dabble in such…delicacies?

    I believe I wouldn’t hurry to find out.

  2. HAVE YOU BEEN TO MOM’S DONUTS AND CHINESE?! I SO want to go but all of my friends are worried they’ll get sick and die if they eat there. I love donuts. I want mom’s donuts (with maybe a side of sweet and sour pork)

  3. Shane, you should do some research on the Carlyle Group that now owns Dunkin’ Donuts, and then decide if you’ll still want to patronize them.
    Scandalous! (yet tasty)

  4. Shane – now’s the time to buy a franchise!

    Benjamin – yes, I have been to Mom’s. I stopped one morning and got coffee and a chocolate croissant. The same breakfast costs me $2.50 on the lot. At Mom’s it was $1.45.

    The coffee was actually good. The croissant, however, weighed about three pounds, contained some sort of milk chocolate and a total of three unflaky layers. If they didn’t use styro cups, I might stop there for coffee more often.

  5. Yes, LA needs Dunkin’ Donuts. Their coffee alone is worth a four mile walk. For those of us who grew up with Dunkin’ Donuts, that orange and pink logo is MAGICAL!

  6. I forgot to mention it over at Franklin Avenue, but I’ll mention it here… I lived above a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts my senior year of college. Not only was it great having access to donuts anytime (although, we quickly learned that donuts came in just once a day, at 5 am, so those midnight donuts were awfully stale), but DD became our apartment’s backup bathroom. Luckily, i only had to use it once…

  7. Melanie, you sound like DD’s PR rep! New York Mag recently published a feature on DD’s new strategy – to lure consumers in with consistently good, no-frills coffee. Apparently, they’re popping up everywhere in NY.

  8. Does anyone know why DD pulled out in the 90s? It doesn’t make any sense. Most of the people I know out here are east coast transplants and any time this subject comes up, there’s universal agreement that DD has the best coffee ever. My standing order was always a large black coffee and a Boston Kreme. Soooo good.

    Speaking of things I miss from the east coast, when the hell is LA gonna get an H&M???!!!

  9. All of DD’s espresso drinks are fair trade certified, BTW.

    This “poised to try LA again” part’s a lil misleading though ;) The article says DD’s expanding, but this may or may not be into SoCal —

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