Celebrities are real people too

Last night I caught Good Night, and Good Luck at the Arclight. It was a Variety Screening with a panel Q&A with George Clooney, David Strathairn, Grant Heslov, Frank Langella & Ray Wise. Seeing the guys walk out, sit in their chairs, answer questions, goof it up, banter back and forth with each other, you see they’re just normal people. Sometimes that’s hard to remember, living in Los Angeles with focus on hype, buzz and ego stroke treatment. But when you get down to it, we’re all human, we’ll all die, we each have our moments of success and despair. And we each have a choice to be humble or revel in the limelight – and either choice is no better or worse, but a personal predilection.

5 thoughts on “Celebrities are real people too”

  1. Clooney is a great, down to earth guy. I think the only thing bad I’ve ever heard about him has been from Bill O’Reilly.

    Thanks to Koga’s post, I was also able to get into last night’s screening. The film I’d seen before, and is one of the years best. And the Q&A was awesome.

    On the way in, I passed Quentin Tarantino AND Robert Rodriguez, who were attending a screening for Hostel that QT directed… a star studded evening!

  2. I was there, too! (The film wasn’t sold out, but it should’ve been)

    I enjoyed the movie and the Q&A…

    Best quote of the night:
    “Did the lights go out or am I dead?” –George Clooney

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