Green for Christmas

I blogged about this last year, but it’s so fun & cheap that I want to remind everyone about it. Friday night I rounded up my main squeeze and a couple of grumpy family membersfor the annual trek downtown to get a christmas tree at the auction. We ended up with an 8 footer for twenty eight bucks. Can’t beat that! It’s also a great place to score lots of pine greens to decorate the house with because they cut the branches off the trees and pile them up, free for the taking. I also got mistletoe for lots of kissing this year. By the time we left, all the grinches were smiling and we actually got into a little festive holiday mood!
The auction starts around five pm and goes til around 9:30ish. If you’re patient, you can get a great tree for the right price. It’s at Alameda and College, just past the train station and Chinatown area.

3 thoughts on “Green for Christmas”

  1. yeah, but not with all the fun and excitement of bidding…besides the $22 ones at home depot are not as big! I wanted an 8 footer!

  2. Now–even though the LATimes blew the cover off United Melon–the auction is the place. This would be a great place to videoblog.

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