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ìSince the first time I saw her eyelash trapping the fly on MTV as a teenager I was transfixed. She carried a gun. She killed men. (She killed women.) She wore barely anything. She worked for no one. She had control. She was out of control. She died. And she returned. She had the most fabulous hair I had ever seen. (Princess Leah couldn’t even think about competing with Aeon.) I wanted to be her then. 15 years ago as a teenage girl. I dreamt. I would be the ass kicking, gun wielding, whip snapping, tongue probing, exotic, erotic, hard core, soft worn forever changing, never tied down. Constantly dying, always living.î –source

Anyone who has spent time on my site, knows me or has randomly run into me on Halloween, knows that I am a huge Aeon Flux fan. Her character is an inspiration by which I live.

Last year, I got wind that there was going to be an Aeon Flux movie. I was excited and jaded at the same time. Live action Aeon? Who would play her? Do I want to see a live action movie version of Aeon when I had fallen in love with her anime personality? I had mixed feelings. Months of anticipation went by and then I started to see street signs and billboards of Theronís gun clad back ìThe future is fluxî tagged all over Hollywood. Iíd sit in my car at the corner of Franklin and La Brea and chuckle silently to myself: ìWell, I live in the future. Iíve been Aeon Flux in the future (and past har har)Öî But it hit too close to home to someone who doesnít like to admit sheís somewhat obsessed over a character.

So with doubts (the Elektra Assassin fiasco echoing in my brain), but always the optimist, I headed to the Egyptian Theatre last Sunday to watch Hollywoodís interpretation of my favorite anarchist heroine ñ and I didnít leave puking.

The costumes and landscape were futuristic. A clean, solid, sterile future, manicured bougainvillea terraces and biomechanical gun pods (that to my delight echoed Cronenberg). I was initially disappointed that Trevor was no longer a blonde; and instead a pudgy melon-faced soft heart. The Trevor character is solid gold cold and thatís his sexy appeal. But in keeping with Aeon Flux story lines that contradict themselves like a sexy DNA combat scene, I approved of his new formed character. I also approve of the Jungian selective-consciousness telepathy and bio-communication device suspended in fluid. Sign me up, future flux!

My disappointment (and secret desire come true) showed with Aeonís skinless full body couture corset. The boning and threading and stitching were really something to desire and the design is delightful and flattering. Granted, the Aeon I know and love is a character drawn by the imagination and weíre talking real-life actress. Still, a big part of Aeon is her angular skin sex appeal, that and the guns.

Which leads into the action and plot. The story is solid with good character development; twists, turns and surprising outcomes. So much plot in fact, not much room for gratuitous action. What action there is, is excellent. The Sithandra / Flux flip-twist acrobatics through no-manís land and the later face to face battle are executed seamlessly and give props to the original animated sequence while not merely imitating it.

All in all, I give Karen Kusamaís Aeon Flux a 10, because redefining eternal change twisting back on itself and keeping the essence of the change is not an easy accomplishment. If Aeon Flux is anything, sheís all that.

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