Tips for coffee and wifi in Culver?

Since we relocated the gallery to Culver City I’m spending a lot of time there and need some new options. Anyone know of any cool coffee shops that have free wifi in the area? The closer to the 10 & Fairfax/ Venice the better. I know there’s the Starbucks on Venice and Culver that has T-Mobile but if I can find something a little more indie with better braodband I’d be all over it. Pls post any suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Tips for coffee and wifi in Culver?”

  1. Try Rumor Mill on Washington Blvd (11739 W. Washington Blvd.) near Centinela. I love that place.


  2. Hey, thanks MacPhotog–I’d forgotten about that site.

    Sean, you know what the coolio-est thing is? If you bookmark that shit on your Treo, you can use your wireless device to find wireless for your wired device.

  3. Thanks for all the links, but just to clairify, the coffee shop aspect of the question was just as important as the wifi. I know there’s connections around, I want someplace where I can take my lap top and get some coffee and do some work without being distracted by everything else going on.

  4. The best coffee in Culver City is at Tanners, on the corner of Sepulveda and Lindblade, about 2 blocks South of Culver Blvd. They recently added Wifi, and it’s a super quiet and laid-back place. Not as close to the 10 as you probably want, but it’s reasonably indie and the coffee is outstanding.

  5. The Grand Casino at 3826 Main St. is a pretty great cafe with excellent coffee and pastries (the empanadas kick major ass), and is within range of the free Culver City wifi.

  6. There’s a brand new coffe shop on Venice near Centinella. Looks like a cool place. Look for the old school style sign hanging off the building. It’s a big red arrow pointing down with the word “Coffee” in the middle. It’s across the street for the Good Hurt Bar, just down the street from the Mar Vista bowling alley. Apparently, they also have Wifi.

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