13 thoughts on “The Bank Nazi”

  1. Damn. My WaMu branch in Glendale has the same rules for the Express Window but they’re not written with such an aggressive flair. And someone please explain to me why, with these stringent express window regulations, it still takes forever to get to the teller.

  2. Just another instance of the shift from businesses trying to win loyalty by treating customers politely and with respect, to not giving a damn. Don’t know how it happened by the whole service industry seems stocked with rude, indifferent, can’t-be-bothered employees. Waitresses, tellers, bookstore employees, supermarket cashiers, you name it.

  3. Looks like some bank employee’s kid went berzerk with a crayon. Super professional! If that’s the one near Brotman Hospital,they never bothered to tell you when an express line was open

  4. My Wamu in pedro too. That bank is cruising for bruising.
    I am sure there were plenty of people who abused the express line, but the bank NEVER has enough of their poorly paid cashiers to deal with customers. Since they swallowed up american and several others, of course, course there are too many customers and not enough tellers.

  5. I left WAMU a few years ago after a “customer service” operator made it pretty clear that they don’t let the ole “customer is always right” motto get in the way of their business.

    I switched to a credit union and never looked back.


  6. Well personally i bank there and i don’t see a problem with the sign…maybe there trying a new method for people to actually read the sign…and who wastes there time taking these pictures…

  7. I bank at WAMU and I totally understand the sign! So many people come in unprepared that it takes up a lot of time…I have seen people try and post multiple transactions at an express line and argue with the tellers when they are turned away. Hello people you don’t get in the 10 items or less line at a super market when you have more than 10 items, this is the SAME idea!

  8. I go to that branch all the time; it’s one of the busiest in the area. The tellers do an excellent work, but the lines are long because a lot of times other people are either a)too busy talking on their cell-phones (not paying attention to the line or what they are doing, b)waiting to get to a teller before start filling out the necessary forms and c)not reading the sign that clearly lets you know what you are standing there for. Now, I do agree that the verbage could change a bit so that it doesn’t read too “dictatorial”, or maybe lessen the array of colors, though it seems to convey its purpose, otherwise no one would have noticed. Now, just to draw an analogy if you are standing at the 10-items-or-less lane in the market, are you going to try to sneak in more than that?, or would you get to the clerk empty-handed and then go to get your groceries? I would say the same principle applies to an Express Window, just make sure to have everything ready.

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