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dwpf.jpgThe annual LADWP Festival of Lights (continuing through December 30) is one of those events you do once — if that — and then probably never again, because suffering the Griffith Park gridlock it creates is more trouble than a mile-long bunch of twinkling representations of everything from city hall to LAX to the Los Angeles aqueduct are worth.

In the years since it debuted, bikes have been a prohibited means of transport through the festival presumably because of perceived safety issues, but in response to bike advocates calling bullshit, last year saw the debut of the Festival of Lights Bike Ride. The second annual excursion is scheduled for this next Tuesday, December 13. So if you’ve avoided the event because of the traffic or just want to reacquaint yourself with the festive use of electricity from a different perspective, you’ll want to roll over to the staging area at Griffith Park Carousel parking lot at 6 p.m.

From the Bicycle Kitchen website:

The more bikes that turn out for this event, the more the DWP will increase the “car-free” time slots! So show your support and bring your friends!

And keep in mind the L.A. Fire Department’s “Spark of Love” crew will be on hand with a bin at the festival’s entrance to accept new, unwrapped toys to be distributed to needy children.

Photo from last year’s festival bike ride from the LADWP Festival of Lights website.

One thought on “DWP Festival of Lights Bikes”

  1. The original protest around the Festival of Lights was an initial friendly letter written to the DWP pointing out that bicycles cannot be excluded from highways unless there is a law that has been enacted for that purpose: any other action is discriminatory.

    There are/were no laws that allow the DWP to exclude cyclists from a Public Highway like Crystal Springs Drive. The event co-ordinator in the Parks Department concurred with this by email.

    Many cyclists reported being stopped on their regular rides by LADOT and park officials and turned around “for their own safety”.

    We Critical Massed it (about 20 of us) and were accosted by angry parks officials. We presented them with a copy of the email and told them to boil their heads and made our exit by the (closed because it always is at night) L.A. river bikepath. Park cops blocked off the end and we went past them with a brief exchange of views.

    Any “bike time slot” is an acceptance of cyclists being shoved off the road with absolutely no legal justification. It sets an appalling precedent and should be resisted by anyone that cares about enforcing cyclists legal rights to the road.

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