So long, salon…

frenchys120805.jpgMaybe it’s eyebrow waxing day on the blog? This afternoon, I visited Frenchy’s Beauty Parlor in Burbank, because I wanted one last haircut (and eyebrow waxing) before I move away next week. As you can see in the photos on their website, Frenchy’s is supercute and retro, with lots of pink decor. I like the friendly salon people and the scent of Aveda products in the air, but my favorite thing about this place is the view of the ceiling as they wash my hair. Normally I hate popcorn ceilings, because the textured stuff always looks so cheap and dirty, but not the one at Frenchy’s. It’s pale pink with sparkles!

2 thoughts on “So long, salon…”

  1. My god they’re adorable … but how good do they cut (women’s) hair? Do they just specialize in punky weird color stuff, or do they do a variety of hairstyles? I’d love to learn more. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of them.

  2. Teek, as far as I know, they do all kinds of hair. My haircut isn’t punky at all (it is pink, but I do that myself). I’ve seen a variety of people in there when I go, including a few guys.

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