Playing Dodgeball

Over at Negro Please Jason Toney asks:

“Quick question: Anybody use or ever use Dodgeball? I signed up for the service maybe 18 months ago and then did nothing with it. Now that they are owned by google are they doing more? Is it cool?

I’m not convinced.”

Neither am I. I sighed up when I first heard of it and invited a bunch of friends, none of which did anything with it either. I also got some invites from other people and jointed their networks in hopes of it being interesting. It wasn’t. Since signing up I’ve gotten a total of 5 messages, a total of 0 of which came from people I know doing anything I cared about. When they got bought by Google I got an e-mail that all the info I’d entered would be transfered into the Google info dump if I didn’t delete my account by XXX date so I deleted my account and that was that.

4 thoughts on “Playing Dodgeball”

  1. Ditto x 3. I got one or two messages over a year and might have sent one myself. My guess is that this might be more useful in a walking city (i.e. somewhere like NYC as opposed to LA or Austin). Or not.

  2. Yeah, if you look at the stats of checkins by city, our metropolis is about as active as sandiego, austin, and mpls (2% of all dodgeball cities). with things as spread out here as they are, i would guess to be useful it would need about 10x the activity it is getting – san francisco is actually getting 10x the checkin activity of LA – anyone know how well it works in SF?

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